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Chuayw2000's Eureka 7 Tv Review

Eureka 7

Rated: 9

It's definitely enjoyable to watch the series. The excitement it builds up during climatic scenes makes you want to watch on. The questions you have with the storyline makes you want to watch on. You will be coming up with theories of your own when you have an unanswered question. On a lighter note, when the characters are more relaxed, the scenes are usually humorous and will definitely invite lots of laughter.

The story begins with the usual explosive beginning which brings us some questions. For the first part of the series, the main storyline is generally put aside though parts of it is leaked out little by little while we get the humour and laughter as character development takes place. It basically tells us something about each character.

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Chuayw2000's Flame of Recca Tv Review

Rated: 7

The characters are very humourous and gives me laughs. The main character, Hanabishi Recca, is a dim-witted friend and he cooks up a lot of jokes. Another character, "Mikagami Tokiya", has a very "cold" personality and it's really funny to see how he reacts when someone else is treating him "warmingly". As for originalty, the credit goes to Nobuyuki Anzai and this story is pretty original. There are secrets to be found out, answers to some questions to be found, and you really wanted to know when Recca will get his next dragon. To find out all the answers, however, you have to read the manga.

Nothing is perfect, and this applies for this as well. There are some <a href="">inconsistencies</a> as well but it doesn't harm the storyline very much.

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